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Make Profit Easy

Get paid to do a handful of simple activities such as clicking links, reading ads and signing up for websites. We pay you competitively for each of these things which means maximum profit for your time!

Quality Advertising

We strive to offer our advertisers the best of the best advertising methods! With our specialized anti-cheat system and a large member base, you can be sure that with Clicksia you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Get Tasks Done

If you need something done fast and by a lot of people, Clicksia's offers service will help you accomplish that, we connect you with our members and give you the tools necessary to get granted results.

Everyone is Welcome

Clicksia is an international service, we have members from over 190 different countries. It doesn't matter if you live in The United States, Brazil, or India: you can start earning with Clicksia today!


Q How can I purchase advertising?
A Make sure you have an account with us, log in and visit the store, there should be a variety of advertising products in there, choose what suits you and complete the next easy steps.
Q Can I advertise any website I want?
A Yes as long as it doesn't fall in the following categories :

  • Adult websites,
  • Hate or violence,
  • Selling or promoting illegal content,
  • And last but not least websites that use scripts to break out of the frame (frame breakers).

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any ad if we think it does not respect our terms of service. Contact us if you are unsure about your website.
Q What are Paid To Click ads?
A Paid To Click ads are links we display to our affiliates, you get traffic and they earn incentives for surfing them for a fixed amount of time specified by you.

To get started just visit your ad manager.
Q What are Signup Offers?
A They are a special kind of advertising, where our affiliate are not just bound to visit your link, but also sign up or register, you could use it to get users ( if it's your own website ), referrals, leads and the likes of that.

Visit the ad manager to get start.
Q What is banner advertising?
A Your banner will be displayed everywhere in our website, giving you access to our immense traffic, you can rent the banner space by the days ( Rental Days ), you get unlimited impressions and clicks for as long as you set your banner to run.

Your banner must be a JPG/PNG/GIF image and the standard size of 468x60.

Visit the ad manager to get started.
Q What are text ads?
A Text ads, are text links that we display on our website, you can setup a text ad to display by the days ( Rental Days ), you get unlimited impressions and clicks for as long as you set your text ad to run.

Visit the ad manager to get started.
Q How can I earn?
A We offer a wide range of earning methods, you can also increase your earning potential by upgrading your account or promoting the site and getting referrals.

Just visit the earning area page for more information.
Q How much can I earn from viewing ads?
A The amount varies from ad to ad and depends on the viewing time.
Q Can I click more then one ad at the same time?
A No, the reason behind that is to insure our advertisers the best quality, each Ad has to have your full attention, so you will have to do it one at the time.
Q My ad has been suspended, Why?
A Mostly likely because we have found it to contain a frame breaker or some malicious code.

However if one of your ads was suspended and you still weren't sure as to why, please submit a support ticket and we will try to assist you.
Q What payment methods do you accept?
A We are currently accepting PayPal and Payza.
Q I bought something, but I still haven't received it
A We manually process orders, meaning if you buy something and complete the payment, you will get your order as soon as we process it, this usually takes less then 24 hours.

However sometimes payment processors can experience downtown or failure resulting in us not receiving your purchase confirmation, in that case, just open a support ticket and make sure to include the following information :

  • Name of the product you bought,
  • Payment Transaction ID or receipt.

We will fix your order as soon as possible.
Q How do I get paid?
A You can request payment as soon as you reach the minimum amount of $1.00 USD. Payments are via PayPal or Payza depending on your choice and are processed within 7 days.

Note : Make sure you can accept payments, specially if you use PayPal.
Q What do I get for referring people?
A When you refer someone to the site you receive
10% of their paid to click and signup offer earnings.

If you upgrade your account you will receive 100% of your referral's paid to click earnings and 20% of their signup offer earnings, you can buy an upgrade in the store.
Q How do I refer people to the site?
A You need to have an account with, if you do just log in and click on the "Promote" link, you should be able to see your referral link and a variety of banners you can use.
Q I bought referrals, but they are inactive, what should I do?
A First of all, if you just bought your referrals, please try to give them some time before making a judgment.

If a reasonable time has passed since your referral was last active, you have the possibility to replace him, all you have to do is go to your referrals page, check the referral you want to replace, choose "Replace Selected" in the actions drop down menu and hit Go.

Your old referral will be replaced with a brand new one.
Q What are replacement credits?
A These constitute the amount of possible referral replacements you can do, every time you replace a referral it will cost you 1 replacement credit.

You can buy replacement credits from the Store->Referrals, it costs $0.1 per credit.
Q How many referrals can I have?
A There are no limits, you can have as many referrals as you can get or buy.
Q I denied a submission, but I did not immediately get the slot back, why?
A To insure fairness for both parties, upon denying a Sign Up Offer submission, the user is given a 2 day window to dispute the denial because sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of communication.

You will get your slot back after the 2 days have passed or after the dispute was closed ( if there was any )
Q Why am I no longer allowed to complete signup offers?
A Because you probably were abusing the system, we assess your denied / approved submissions ratio and if you have too many denied submissions you will no longer be able to complete other offers.

You will be permanently disallowed from completing offers if you have more than 20 denied submissions and less than that in approved submissions
Q Why is my new offer denied?
A Your offer was denied by the administration either because it is conflicting with our Terms Of Services, or simply because it cannot be accomplished in 4 days, please make sure your offer is possible to complete within the given frame of 4 days.
Q The advertiser denied my Submission, what should I do?
A You can dispute the denial and try to work things out with the advertiser, please note that you only have a window of 2 days to dispute, once 2 days passed since you were denied, you will no longer be able to dispute the denial of that submission.
Q How many offers can I try to complete every day?
A A maximum of 20 offers.
Q What is Traffic Exchange?
A It's simple, you surf other people's links and they surf yours, each link you view gets you 0.8 Traffic Exchange credit, you can create your own traffic exchange ad, fund it from the credit you earned and other members will view it.
Q How can I spend my TE credit?
A It's easy, 1 TE credit equals one visitor to your website.

Visit the ad manager to get started.
Q My ad is "Pending Approval", Why is that?
A We need to review your ad before you can add credit or start it, it's just a procedure to insure that your ad is not breaking any of our Terms of Service.

We review newly created ads daily, so your ad should be approved in less then 48 hours.
Q My ad is "Suspended", why is that?
A In that case your ad is probably breaking our terms of service, it's either has a frame breaker script, contains Malware or is deemed unsafe for our members.
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