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Neobux Review 2019 – is Neobux a SCAM or LEGIT? Find out the truth in this comprehensive review article. Neobux claims to offer a great PTC money making site.

For many years, people have used PTC (Pay To Click) websites to make money on the Internet. The concept behind these websites is straightforward: You simply have to watch adverts to earn cash. Neobux is a pioneering PTC website. This company has paid people to watch adverts for over ten years, and today the website seems more popular than ever. This Neobux review will take a closer look at this platform, so you can judge the relative merits of it for yourself.

Features of the Website

Neobux is a reputable online marketing portal, where you can earn money easily by completing tasks, surveys and jobs, and by clicking advertisements. A great feature is that your earnings are unlimited, and the minimum withdrawal amount is just $2. Essentially, the amount you earn directly corresponds to how much you use the website.

How the Website Works

After you register, you are awarded free standard membership, then later on you can purchase an upgraded membership level to earn more. Your earnings are largely dependent on your membership level, however free members can begin by:

-Renting some referrals, which can increase your earnings considerably.
-Selecting and watching brief adverts.
-Filling out online surveys.
-Getting involved with AdPrize, to hopefully win upgraded memberships and free credits.
-Playing various games.
-Completing tasks, offers and figure eight jobs.

Eventually, it is possible for standard members to earn $10 to $20 per day, by spending about ten minutes on the website carrying out the above activities. Higher level members can earn over $60 per day, simply by completing offers and tasks. Within three to four months, you could be earning $20 to $50 per day, if you log into the website frequently and make the most of the opportunities.

You do have to be patient to earn larger amounts of money on PTC websites. Reaching your full earning potential is a gradual process. With a good strategy though, you could earn as much as $100 per day.

How to Make Money Using Neobux

As with all PTC websites, Neobux pays you to watch the adverts published on its’ platform. Your earnings will appear in your Neobux dashboard, and this can be withdrawn after you have made enough money. The adverts have to be viewed for roughly half a minute, although this varies from one ad type to the next.

Your earnings per click also depend on the type of advert you watch. The most you can earn is $0.015 per click, and the least you can earn is $0.001. Normally, Fixed ads will be displayed in your account and these pay $0.001 per click, however they only have to be viewed for roughly ten seconds. Neobux permits you to watch twelve Fixed ads each day, and these will be replaced after a full day, so you can make $0.012 daily for watching these ads.

Before viewing an advert, you are required click on a red dot to prevent any automation. In contrast to some PTC websites though, Neobux does not ask you to fill in any captchas at the conclusion of ads. After the relevant time period, your advert is validated automatically, upon which it can be closed and you can progress onto another one.

Apart from clicking on adverts, Neobux provides several other methods to earn cash. You can play games on the website, for which you will earn $0.001 per session. To qualify for payment, you have to play each game for 120 seconds or more. As many as 250 sessions are permitted for games every day, and you have to lose or win the game, then select ‘Submit Score’ or ‘Continue’, to confirm that you actually played.

In addition, you can complete micro jobs and offers, and fill out surveys. Every activity offers a specific financial reward, based on the activity and activity supplier. The AdPrize is another option, which gives you the opportunity to claim rewards, such as more money, for watching particular adverts. Obviously, you are not guaranteed to win anything with this.

However, Neobux is just like other PTC websites, in that referrals are the most effective money making method. Referrals can be rented from the website, or you can gain direct referrals yourself. You will earn a minimum of $0.005 from the clicks of rented referrals, and $0.0005 from the clicks of direct referrals on Fixed adverts. You also receive an additional percentage when your direct referrals complete offers. For Coin offers, the percentage is twenty percent, and for micro jobs the percentage is twelve percent. The cost of renting a referral each month is $0.20. As many as 250 referrals can be rented at this rate.

To rent additional referrals, the price increases to $0.21 per month for 251 to 500 referrals. This price will carry on increasing as more referrals are rented. To increase your earnings further, you could upgrade your membership to make more from your own clicks and those of your referrals.

There are four available membership upgrades on Neobux, however you have to satisfy certain criteria before you can take advantage of them. Essentially, the criteria relates to your membership length and the quantity of clicks you made already. The least expensive option is $90 per year for Gold membership.

To qualify for an upgrade, you should have clicked on at least fifty adverts already, and your account should be at least fifteen days old. After you have acquired Gold membership, you will have to satisfy further criteria to make additional upgrades. At $890 per year, Ultimate membership is the top level of membership. As already stated, $2 is the minimum withdrawal amount initially, through Neteller or Skrill. Subsequent withdrawals will rise by a dollar each time, until it gets to $10.

Reasonable money can be earned on Neobux using various strategies. Some people focus on the range of offers available to maximize their earnings. Others specialize in referral renting, which needs a systematic approach.


-Targeted Audience: Every Neobux member is searching for money making methods, so if you have a blog related to this niche, Neobux is an effective way to generate affiliate commissions and build an email list.

-A Solid Business Model: Neobux makes money from its’ sizable database of marketers. The website is a great advertising channel, because every click and impression comes from real people, which is a big selling point.

-Plenty of Micro Jobs and Adverts: Every week, there are approximately ten tasks and 200 adverts available on Neobux.

-Fast Payments: Every member will receive instant payments, at the click of a mouse, through Neteller or Skrill. After you withdraw, your account balance will update straightaway.

-Offers and Micro Jobs pay Higher Commissions: Compared to the majority of GPT/PTC websites, Neobux pays generous commissions for offers and tasks. Also, the AdPrize feature provides a larger number of valuable prizes than other grids.

-Start Earning Immediately: Standard members can make money on Neobux as soon as they register, along with fifteen percent commission for each task completed by a direct referral. No membership upgrades are needed.


-Neobux stopped offering withdrawals through Payza or PayPal, so you do require an account with Neteller or Skrill to withdraw your earnings from this website.

-To maximize your earnings on Neobux, you have to upgrade your membership and obtain referrals. In other words, you can’t start making larger amounts until you spend some cash first.

How Neobux Compares With Similar Websites

Not many PTC websites are around today that have existed for longer than Neobux, however Clixsense is a notable exception — established in 2007. Originally, Clixsense began as a PTC website, but it stopped doing this in 2017 and became exclusively a GPT (Get Paid To) platform. Unlike Neobux, you can not rent referrals on Clixsense, although both websites allow members to earn cash through tasks and surveys.

What Others are Saying

Neobux has an excellent five star rating on Trustpilot, based on almost 2.5k reviews at the time of writing. Also, it is rated 4.7 stars out of five on, based on 713 opinions. Most people like the fact that the website provides several ways to earn cash, aside from clicking on adverts, because this means that they can earn quicker. People appreciate the fact that their earnings from clicking adverts are notably higher than many other PTC websites. Also, Neobux is popular with users because it pays out instantly, through their preferred payment method, once they make a withdrawal request.

Neobux Review – Final Summary

Neobux has paid out over thirty-million dollars to its’ members across the world, since it began in 2008, and these numbers continue to rise. These days, it is widely acknowledged as the best PTC website, and it has more than twenty-million registered subscribers in different countries. Undoubtedly, this is a legitimate platform that can help you to earn cash conveniently from home. All you need to commit is ten to fifteen minutes of time each day, and your earnings will grow exponentially. Don’t forget to visit Neobux frequently, and click on a minimum of nine adverts every time.


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